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S. Figure, Volcano plot distribution showing transcriptomic data from S. algae C6G3 grown on nitrate (NO3-, right part) and manganese oxide (MnIV, left part) as electrons acceptors

S. Fig, Heat mat of the log2 RPKM of overexpressed gene among the 4 independent cultures (Two with nitrate as electron acceptor and 2 with MnIV as electron acceptor) Material and methods c-type cytochrome detection Crude extracts (30 µg) of S. algae grown anaerobically in the presence of either fumarate, Mn or KNO3 were loaded on 12% SDS-PAGE. After migration, cytochromes were revealed by staining for peroxidase activity of hemes using 3, p.5, 1976.

S. Fig, c-type cytochrome profile of S. algae according to the electron acceptor present in the growth medium

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