Smart Integrated Electronic Systems

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Thermal sensor Side-channel analysis 3D integration Phase noise Design FDSOI technology Switches RSA Analog/RF integrated circuits Current conveyor Carbon nanotubes Integrated circuits Temperature distribution Analog and RF integrated circuits Alternate testing Secure IC Low-cost measurements Alternate test Data fusion Clocks Monitoring Specifications COTS Through-silicon vias RF test Delay variation Digital electronic circuits Noise measurement Critical path delay Competencies Current mirror Copper Three-dimensional displays Integrated circuit interconnections Noise Analytical models Evaluation Bioimpedance spectroscopy Test CMOS memory circuits One bit acquisition Process variability Bioimpedance OQPSK Integrated circuit design Advanced PMA STT-MRAM MEMS Three-dimensional integrated circuits Calibration 1-bit acquisition Education Power demand SEU Integrated circuit reliability BIST Electrothermal analysis Analog signals Delays Indirect testing Integrated circuit testing Test cost reduction Accelerometers ATE programming Digital signal processing Circuit faults Magnetic tunneling SRAM Built-In-Self-Test Integrated circuit modeling Circuit Cu-CNT composites Carbon nanotube Circuits Bandwidth Integrated circuit noise Low power Sensors Test efficiency Accelerometer Digital modulation Digital ATE Analog/IF signals Phase shifter Computer architecture Power supplies CMOS Carbon nanotube interconnects Transistors Capacitors Brainstorming 3D Logic gates Biosensor Microprocessors Heating Correlation Automatic test pattern generation Convective accelerometer Time-domain analysis Reliability