. Noddies, Noddy was inferred to forage preferentially ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We are grateful to Bouteiller for excellent assistance in sorting and identifying prey items; to D. Ponton (IRD) for making a collection of reference fish specimens available to us; to P. Marchesiello and C. Menkes for providing useful information on the oceanography of the eastern Coral Sea. P. Brun skippered the boat to Kouaré Islet; J. Burrows helped in editing a former version of this manuscript; anonymous reviewers gave many useful suggestions. Conceived and designed the experiments: PV, VB, PB, Contributed materials / analysis tools: PV, PB. Did the experiments: PV, PB. Analyzed the data: PB. Wrote the paper: PV, VB, PB. This study was supported by Direction des ressources naturelles of New Caledonia's Province Sud, CNRS, and IRD. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, preparation of the manuscript

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